Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Update on my '50 Ford kustom...

After some friendly suggestions and not being able to decide on "just the right trim," I found some '54 Dodge side trim back east and as soon as some of the pieces arrived, I couldn't resist doing a mock-up. I'm still waiting on a pair of two-door door spears that missed the boat, but once they arrive I will start to actually mount it. I think I will run the front fender spear longer than the Don Carroll convertible and Gator hardtop kustoms did...
One of my most favorite kustom shoebox grills...the Don Roberts-built '49 Ford owned by Bob Dofflow. Grab your 1956 Custom Cars annual or check out Rik Hoving's kustom car photo collection for more.

This is just a mock-up...the grill I had was in fair condition and I think the whole thing needs to go in more and up just a tad to look right. My friend Chris in New Jersey has some grill pieces on the way for me that should be much better to work with...oh, and I have a nice set of NOS '51 Ford grill titties waiting in the wings for this :)

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