Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas from King Kustoms! Hope Santa brings you all those little Appleton parts and Goodyear whitewalls you asked for!

Check out the King Kustoms myspace page until I get more pictures and info up on this blog...I'm working on some flickr slideshows for each project so you can easily click on a certain kustom and take a look!

Shop pics...trying to post a slideshow on here for I retarded? (I think so!)

Well, I've tried photobucket (which is infected with diet coke ads all over the annoying) and now flickr...and I want to post a link to, or add, a slideshow of recent the meantime, maybe this link will keep you entertained while I fix the projector:

Popcorn and sodas in the lobby...sorry no refunds :)

All real kustoms have shaved driprails...

And now mine are gone! I had them on back in 2003 and I thought they looked cool then, but this week saw the passing of the old rain gutters onto another of sight and sound, and...well, they ended up in the scrap pile let's just put it that way. Kustoms are all about being smooth- like a wet bar of soap flying out of your hand...round on every edge, with nothing protruding from the sides to interrupt the aesthetic flow.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

This is my first please don't laugh! I am trying to set up a page for my kustom shop :)

I'm still getting used to all of this blog stuff, so any advice or help is greatly appreciated! I want to share what I am working on in the shop on here, as well as let everyone know what I have to offer at King the past, I have been posting work on myspace at: but myspace has just gotten too cluttery and I want to eventually have a more professional website or blog that will showcase my latest work.  Thanks for looking, Rob